The EsportManager and ESM X platform offers a wide variety of gaming features for both web2 and web3 players.

The EsportManager and ESM X platform offers a wide variety of gaming features for both web2 and web3 players to play and engage with each other, also to earn money by doing what they love the most - playing video games!

How the two platforms will be distinguished?

Same, but different.

In order to create the most personalized gaming experience for both crowds while encouraging cross-play, we came up with a happy medium. The EsportManager platform will have a highly visible 'X' toggle button in the middle of the top menu bar.

  • OFF - When the toggle button is turned off, only web2 gaming content - basically the original EsportManager - is visible to users. This way, the players refusing web3 gaming will have an unbothered, traditional experience.

  • ON - When the toggle button is turned on, the magic happens. The colors and design of the site change and the web3 elements magically appear - games, tournaments, ladders, news, etc. Although, web3 content will be prioritized, the web2 content won't disappear - it's an important feature with the purpose of attracting web2 users to use the ESM X "side" more, seducing them with appealing web3 gaming events!

Platform features

Automation – Tournament bracket generation, result handling, prize distribution and performance tracking all work automated in the most games - basically any with API.

Tournaments – Online gaming competitions with unlimited participants, multi-stage formats, admins, check-in and seed options.

Challenges – Wager match function for users to challenge their friends in solo or team versus matches and bet on their own success - the winner takes all!

Ladders – Ongoing – usually monthly - point collecting events with optional target (kills, played matches, skill use, ranking etc.) in a chosen game with a variety of rewards.

Quest and reward system – A diverse, automated task and level up system will incentive users to spend more time on the site and participate in social, gaming, and brand activities.

Subscription – In the second half of 2024 ESM will enroll its subscription program where given features will only be available in exchange for a small monthly fee.

Detailed admin panel – Intuitive and in-depth admin interface for brands and organizers to personalize their tournaments to the greatest extent.

Game-account linking – Players are able link their gaming accounts to their ESM profile, so their in-game activities are tracked.

Statistics – Thanks to user and game APIs player and match results are available in the most game at any times.

Communities – Brands can create their own spaces and gather followers creating a new communication channel targeting only gamers.

Crypto integration – On top of blockchain game integration possibilities, prize pools and entries can be made of cryptocurrencies.

Store – A hybrid marketplace for users to spend their well-earned ESMX tokens on web2 or web3 gaming assets.

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