Tournament Nodes of ESM X.

The Tournament Nodes will handle all the on-chain gaming transactions of the ESM X platform.

The Tournament Nodes will be soulbound (non-transferable) NFTs with special perks.

Tournament Node owners will be rewarded by flexible xESM token emission and regular airdrops from our partnersโ€™ native tokens.

Airdrops - When a web3 company orders the services of ESM X, they are required to add a given amount of their native token which will be airdropped fairly to Node operators.

The xESM tokens can be staked and redeemed for ESMX tokens as the following:

  • 30-day xESM stake โ€“ receive 25% in ESMX tokens

  • 60-day xESM stake โ€“ receive 50% in ESMX tokens

  • 90-day xESM stake โ€“ receive 75% in ESMX tokens

  • 120-day xESM stake โ€“ receive 100% in ESMX tokens

The monthly quantity of xESM per Tournament Node will fluctuate based on the number of staking participants in the ecosystem and the amount each participant stakes.

The first round of Node sale will most probably launch in May. The price of nodes will go up round by round.

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