Main features of the ESMX and xESM gaming token.

The ESMX token is primarly an investment asset which gives special rights to its holders. It is also the official currency of the ESM X platform.

Tournament Nodes - Tournament Nodes will handle all the on-chain gaming activitites of the platform, for which, Node operators will be rewarded with ESMX tokens.

Burn - When a web3 company orders the services of ESM X, 2,5% of the income is spent on buying ESMX tokens on the market then burnt immediately.

Official currency - The ESMX token can be used to buy entry tickets, play challenge matches and buy marketplace items on the platform. Also, it will be the official currency of the upcoming ESM X P2E game.

Rewards - Players will receive a given amount ESMX tokens as a reward for their gaming activities (ladders, challenges, tournaments, quests). The tokens will be immediately vested for a short time to promote the benefits of staking and prevent sell pressure.

Gamerland payment - As the franchise system of our offline venue will launch, holders will be able to pay for gaming and bar services in every Gamerland venue using the ESMX token.

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