Our story

A long journey led to the birth of ESM X.


The team behind ESM X started to work together 5 years ago with the clear vision of elevating the esports and gaming world with fresh ideas and neccessary infrastructure. Believe it or not, the original idea behind all of what came next, was basically the principal of ESM X - playing and betting against each other in crypto money. It's fair to say that this idea in 2018 was way ahead of its time, hence a web2 online platform and an offline venue had to born beforehand.


The physical gaming venue, Gamerland, reached its final form, before the online platform did. Not that the development of Gamerland was a walk in the park, working against all odds by building the only proper esports venue in the whole CEE region with COVID-19 banging on your barely-done doors.

The EsportManager platform has been through multiple looks and test phases in past 4 years of development. It left the beta phase only 6 months ago, and has been tested by both professional gamers and tournament organizers, so all users find it easy-to-use and intuitive.


The love of blockchain technology and crypto came naturally to everyones, being tech and innovation lovers, not to the mention the investment side as the leaders of the team are natural born enterpreneurs. The team operates a web3 and esport agency since 2022 helping the web3 onboarding of traditional companies with many services, and supporting the gaming activities of EsportManager and Gamerland with marketing, sales and production.

The list of references consists all the Gamerland and EsportManager events since 2021, working with dozens of major and hundreds of smaller bussinesses. 250+ offline and 500+ online (also hybrid) events are behind the team with not only "admining" an event but handling all aspects of it from concept and recruitment, to execution, all marketing and production.

The future

The vision is clear - helping web3 brands with the same solution to create love experiences for their audiances and to support the world of web3 gaming by onboarding as many traditional players as possible. As everything is given amnd ready to roll now, the success is almost guaranteed. The development of the web2 platform is non-stop - new UI look, ladders, game integrations - and the web3 development will start right after the launch. The good news? There's not many left to develop - wallet integrations and on-chain transactions are all features we have developed for other projects.

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