๐Ÿ’ผFor brands

The primary target aumdiance of ESM X are the web3 brands looking for a special marketing solution.


Brands have trouble reaching younger, ad-avoider consumers, as the traditional marketing channels are not effective in reaching the digital generation. This is exponentially true for crypto users who are advanced content consumers and adblocker, VPN, Brave browser etc. to get rid of ads.

Our solution

The team of ESM X offers a unique marketing solution for web3 brands to reach potential customers in an authentic environment through branded gaming tournaments.

True engagement - Gaming competitions and the marketing campaign built around them do not only result in high reach, but also high engagement thanks to active participation. Brand KPIs โ€“ Brands can create their own competition fitted perfectly for their image and business goals by adding special actions like a registration, social following, filling of formโ€ฆ basically any task can be added as a requirement of participation. Moreover, the marketing channels and methods will be also aligned with the goals of the campiagn.

One-stop-shop - Thanks to the in-house expertise and many years of experience in both gaming and the crypto world, the ESM X team handles the whole process from organization to marketing and execution.

Real-life experience โ€“ Web3 gaming lacks real-life interactions as there arenโ€™t large-scale offline tournaments yet like in esports. With Gamerland, web3 brands can create memorable experiences for their audiences in the physical world as well.

Kick-off program - To support small and freshly started (legitimate) web3 businesses, ESM X created a program where companies can benefit from a fully blown tournament campaign in return of solely their native tokens.

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